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Your Guide In Choosing A Mobile Home Insurance Policy

More often than not, maintaining a mobile home is as expensive as maintaining a standard or a stationary home. Your home is mobile so it is subjected to different kinds of wear and tear. You also have to consider the possibility of accidents or Read more
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Why Do You Need Home Insurance?

If you don’t have home insurance yet, perhaps this is the best time to start scouting the market for the best insurance deal. A lot of homeowners do not pay attention to this “chore” because they expect to move out in the near future and because the Read more
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What You Need To Know When Filing Home Insurance Claim

A good home insurance policy is like a cushion. It deflects the impact when you fall. During those times when your home is subjected to wear and tear by natural disasters or accidents, there is a home insurance policy to back you up.

In addition Read more
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What To Do When Your Home Insurance Claim Has Been Denied

Paying for your home insurance premium is not easy. It is a painstaking task that involves allotting a significant amount of money every month to pay for it. So imagine how devastating and annoying it can be when you find out that your insurance Read more
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Top Home Insurance Coverage Misconceptions You Need To Know

If you think your home insurance policy covers every tiny mishap that can happen at home, think again. There are actually lots of trivial inconveniences that can cause damages to property and infrastructure that are excluded in your home insurance Read more