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Google Released the First Version of the Chrome Browser in the Style of Metro for Windows 8

Google has officially unveiled its latest version for the new operating system Windows 8. However, it should be noted that the version available in the Dev-Channel, has the status of pre-test assembly.

To use the Chrome browser in the style of Metro to the computer running the Windows operating system 8 Release Preview, set it as your default browser. After that, it is available on the home page of the OS.

While the browser does not have a clear design in the style of Metro, and has no support for the functionality. Although previously Google has promised to implement the browser integration with the basic functionality of the operating system, Windows 8, for example, Charms and Snap View, in fact, this implementation is still superficial. So, work and settings charm. Search charm still does not work quite correctly. It is obvious that all these defects have yet to be fixed by the developers.
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