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Apple MacBook MA092LL/A
The new MacBook Pro has so many outstanding features, we could only fit a few on this page. First, it's size will amaze you: a 17" model that's still 1" thick. It's processor, an Intel Core Duo, is up to five times the speed of the PowerBook G4, with eight times the graphics bandwidth. Plus, the list of integrated features goes on and on: a built in iSight camera, iLife '06 software, Gigabit and wireless networking (including Firewire 800), and an 8x SuperDrive. Also, the MacBook Pro is the first Mac notebook with PCI Express, a Serial ATA hard drive, and the ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 for superfast graphics performance. For a powerhouse notebook computer with innovative features and impressive size where it counts, choose this 17" MacBook Pro.
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Apple PowerBook K9970LL/A
The Apple PowerBook G4 is a high performance computer equipped with a PowerPC G4 1.67 GHz processor. This processor offers an architecture that allows you to perform data intensive processes required by the next generation video, voice and graphics applications. The Apple PowerBook G4 offers you a huge 120 GB hard drive to assure plenty of space for all of your music, pictures, and home movies. The 17" TFT active matrix display screen gives you a high quality picture, which is great for enjoying your favorite DVD or working long hours without eye discomfort. Stereo speakers, wireless LAN antenna and a Bluetooth antenna are integrated in your Apple PowerBook G4, making it easy to connect to any network or other connectivity devices without the clutter of wires or cables. Data replication is a breeze thanks to the DVD/RW combo found in the PowerBook G4, which allows you to duplicate anything on your hard drive straight to a CD with a few simple clicks of your mouse. With the power of a desktop and the style of a laptop, the PowerBook G4 has it all.
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Apple MacBook MA472LL/A
Now the Intel Core Duo is as affordable as it is powerful. With MacBook, you get the world's fastest mobile architecture in a beautifully designed notebook that costs less than slower, clunkier models. That's like getting a sports car for the price of a scooter. Every MacBook comes with iLife '06 an amazing suite of applications that make it easy to live the digital life. Use iPhoto to share entire high-res photo albums with anyone who's got an email address. MacBook features Front Row, so you can navigate your movies, music, photos, and more at the touch of the included Apple Remote no matter where you roam. MacBook: the most advanced affordable Mac notebook ever.
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