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What You Need To Know When Filing Home Insurance Claim

A good home insurance policy is like a cushion. It deflects the impact when you fall. During those times when your home is subjected to wear and tear by natural disasters or accidents, there is a home insurance policy to back you up.

In addition to disasters and accidents, home insurances also help a lot when your home becomes prey to prowlers or burglars. If you are living in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, it is always a good idea to get a home insurance policy.

But did you know that a lot of homeowners actually do not make full use of their insurance policies? These policies are only useful if the homeowners know how to use them. You need to know how and when to file for claims to ensure that you will get financial aid.

Filing A Claim During Robbery Or Burglary

It is customary for homeowners to take inventory of their property when applying for an insurance claim. This way, when these properties are stolen, you can file for a claim. Otherwise, you won’t get a single penny from the insurance provider.

In the event that your house gets robbed, immediately contact the police and file a robbery complaint. Take inventory of your personal belongings that were stolen and report it. You can also include damages to property such as broken door or shattered windows. Ask for two copies of the report.

Submit a copy of the stolen items and the police report to your insurance provider. You might be required to include details on investigation such as the names of the officers who helped you out with the filing of the complaint. Make sure you know all these details.

It is also a good idea to capture photographs of damaged property before cleaning them. You can use this as further evidence to your claim.

Filing A Claim After Natural Calamities

The aftermath of natural calamities is usually chaotic. You might have to evacuate temporarily. For severe natural disasters, you can get in touch with local authorities.

In the midst of taking care of your home or prepping up for evacuation, you also need to file for an insurance claim. Talk to local authorities and find out if you need to fill out application forms. There is no standard policy here as the process differs from one dire situation to another. But the key here is to talk to the presiding authorities in the area. Follow their instructions and complete paperworks to get your insurance.
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