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What To Do When Your Home Insurance Claim Has Been Denied

Paying for your home insurance premium is not easy. It is a painstaking task that involves allotting a significant amount of money every month to pay for it. So imagine how devastating and annoying it can be when you find out that your insurance claim has been denied.

You should know upfront that many insurance providers are not 100% transparent in their transactions. They will deliberately leave out pertinent information about your insurance’s coverage. It is not uncommon for people to find out that a great number of things are not covered in their premiums such as flooding or sewer backup coverage and termite damage coverage after the damage has been done.

In cases of denied home insurance claims, the following are some of the things that can be done:

1. Many homeowners do not contest denied claims. But according to research, more than 50% of those homeowners who go the extra mile in contesting denied claims actually get the results they want. If there is a chance that your denied claim can be approved, you should take it. File for claim reconsideration or get an attorney to help you come up with a plausible reason for the unjust claim.

2. Don’t just take your insurance company’s word for it. Demand for a written explanation of why your claim has been denied. It is their legal responsibility to put it in writing. You can also use the written explanation to contest your denied claim. This way, you can understand what went wrong and why your claim was denied.

Make sure you go over the written explanation as to why your claim was denied and refer back to your policy. If there is misleading information left out in your policy that is not reflected in the written explanation of the denied claim, contest it.

3. Ask for legal advice. There may be some points in your policies that are difficult to grasp. If so, you need the help of a lawyer to walk you through the nooks and crannies of the policy. Ask the advice of your lawyer if you should file for reconsideration of your denied claim.

4. If you bought the insurance policy with the help of an insurance agent, contact him or her. Insurance agents are the “middle men”. They are tasked to lay out the terms and conditions of the insurance policy to the homeowner. They are also responsible for escalating concerns on denied claims to their affiliate insurance company.

If you really think you have been scammed, call the local authorities. Each state has different protocols for insurance claims so make sure you go over this information.
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