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Top Home Insurance Coverage Misconceptions You Need To Know

If you think your home insurance policy covers every tiny mishap that can happen at home, think again. There are actually lots of trivial inconveniences that can cause damages to property and infrastructure that are excluded in your home insurance coverage.

Heads up home owners! Here are some of the most common home insurance coverage misconceptions you ought to know:

1. I can get compensated even when my pet damages my possessions.

We have yet to see an insurance company that will step up to the plate and shoulder the cost of damaged property due to an unruly pet. So if your pet cat scratched your couch or your dog just ruined your Persian rug, don’t expect your home insurance provider to cover the damages.

On the other hand, there may be certain add-ons that can be included for certain animal-related damages. If you are living in an area with a high risk of marauding wild animals such as bears, you can have your glass windows and doors insured.

2. Any kind of pest infestation problem I have at home is covered by my insurance.

While most reliable home insurance policies protect you from pest infestation problems such as raccoons and birds, they do not have the extensive coverage you are assuming.

If raccoons or birds decided to take up residence in your attic and they caused considerable damage to your property, you can file a claim for that. However, other kinds of infestation problems such as termite infestation or rodent infestation might not be covered. You need to ask your home insurance provider for that.

3. Any kind of flooding damage is covered by my insurance policy.

Home insurance policies generally cover damages caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and snow storms. But not all immediately include coverage on flooding damage.

It is a special coverage you need to discuss with your insurance provider or insurance agent. Also, most insurance policies do not include flooding caused by sewer backups.

4. Perished goods caused by loss of power are accommodated by my insurance policy.

Unless you have included refrigerated property coverage in your home insurance policy, you won’t get a single penny for compensation on your spoiled goods. This is actually an add-on you might want to get especially if you live in an area experiencing frequent power interruptions.

These misconceptions are easy to make especially when you don’t discuss the coverage of the home insurance policy you are getting. A wise homeowner must check the insurance plan they are getting to find out what is really included. Don’t sign the deal yet. Come up with questions. Look around at home and figure out what possible damages and problems you might encounter and ask your insurance provider if those are covered.
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