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Guide In Filing A Home Insurance Claim For Your Damaged Roof

Most standard home insurance policies include roof damage in their coverage. Since repairing or replacing your roof can cost a lot of money, you should invest in a good home insurance policy that will back you up when your roof requires more attention.

One the other hand, there are still a lot of home insurance providers that do not include this in the coverage. This is why it is important to go over the details of your policy before buying it. Make sure it includes all pertinent coverage such as roof damage.

Some companies might impose limitations on the causes of roof damage. They might give compensation for damages caused by wear and tear and natural calamities but not for damages caused by animals such as squirrels or birds.

When the time for filing an insurance claim for your damaged roof comes, the following are the steps you can take:

1. Get your camera ready so you can take a photo or a video of the roof damages. Do this immediately after noticing the damage. If the damage is evident after a natural calamity, you should inspect your property and take graphic evidence when the calamity is over.

Make sure you also get a photo of the damaged roof in all angles. If your roof is leaking, also take a photo of it from the inside of your house where the leak is very visible.

Transfer the videos or photos to your computer so you can send them to your insurance provider when filing a claim.

2. If you have the means, hire a contractor to assess the damages of your roof. Getting a third opinion is always a good idea especially if the damage is great. You want to get a good compensation from your insurance provider. A third party assessment can help you determine if your insurance provider is giving you a reasonable compensation.

3. Check out your insurance provider’s rules and regulations in filing a claim. Note that each company has different filing steps. You can also contact their customer service number if they have it. An agent might be able to help you out with the process.

4. If you bought your insurance policy from an insurance agent, contact that agent when filing a claim. Submit all the necessary documents to the agent. The agent will relay your documents to your insurance provider.

5. Once your insurance provider receives your documents, the approval process will begin. They might dispatch contractors to do their own assessments of the damage. You need to be at home when they visit so you can personally show them the damaged areas.

After the assessment, get necessary details such as the name of the contractor, estimated assessments and the length of time needed to process your claim.
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