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Deutsch-Englisch Professor PRO

This powerful German-English dictionary provides you with instant access to 2.8 million* entries in German and English! A Merriam-Webster English dictionary and an English thesaurus are included for easy reference.
Manufacture: Franklin
Model: BDS-1860
Price: 199.95 USD
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Alex {94.244.48.xxx} 2012-04-19
Deutsch-Englisch Professor PRO
Moon Monster {84.172.218.xxx} 2006-11-16
I like this - I sometimes use Babel Fish - the translation site - however it sometimes gets things wrong - or only shows one of many possible meanings for a word. This makes it hard to understand things. This gadget however shows all meanings of a german word. It has English phrases digitised which you can listen to - however I'm trying to learn German not English. There are no German phrases to listen to. The screen is slow slow when scrolling. If you press the down button a few times you may have to wait a few seconds for it to catch up. Very annoying. However - this has helped me no end!
irzal {61.94.234.xxx} 2006-11-15
aspire after your product but I unable to buy him

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