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Product Description
Spelling Ace® & Thesaurus
Improve your spelling and vocabulary skills with this 110,000 word phonetic spell corrector and 500,000 synonyms and antonyms. Includes eight interactive word building exercises, crossword solver, Classmates®, homophone guide, calculator, and Rolodex databank.
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Talking Spanish-English Student Dictionary
The Talking Spanish-English Dictionary is a super handheld language teaching device that can help anyone improve their reading, writing and understanding of Spanish or English. Inside our pocket-size... more »
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Children's Talking Dictionary & Spell Corrector
Improve your child's reading and writing skills with this interactive speakingdictionary. Includes over 40,000 easy-to-understand definitions, automaticphonetic spell correction, an animated handwriting guide, a rhyme finder, fiveword-building games, and a vocabulary word list that can be created by theuser.
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Children's Speller & Dictionary
A desktop dictionary that's fun and educational. Designed to help children ages 6 & up learn spelling, writing, and grammar. Contains over 40,000 simple, brief definitions. Includes an arithmetic tutor, a calculator, and a printing and cursive handwriting animation feature that demonstrates how to write any letter combination. Features personalized greetings, animations, spell correction , Confusables , Crossword Solver , User List , a jump feature, and seven different games - including "Fun with French" and "Fun with Spanish" language games.
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