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ITC Banned the Use of HTC's Google's Patents in Confrontation with Apple

Patent opposition to the HTC and Apple reached a new stage of development. Thus, the administrative judge of ITC (International Trade Commission — Committee on International Trade) Thomas Pender (Thomas Pender) granted the request of Apple and excluded from the consideration of five patents that Google gave HTC's last summer. The judge decided that HTC does not have all necessary rights to these patents, and therefore cannot use them in his confrontation with Apple.

Thus, in this case (the second in a row) HTC against Apple of the eight original patents were only three. In the meantime, last week, Apple has filed for consideration by the ITC complaint is third on the HTC to stop the import of its devices.

The decision of Judge Thomas Pender regarding the examined patents may be challenged. Another option to solve this problem can be brought to consider the case of Google as an additional plaintiff. However, in this case, there may be additional strain on the relationship between Google and Apple.

It should also be noted that the practice of borrowing patents are widely used by other companies, including patent trolls. Thus, the decision of Thomas Pender banning the use of foreign patents to protect their own interests may be affected by many trials and even require changes in business models of some companies.
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