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AMD showed its own concept of the tablet-transformer based on Windows 8

The main heroes of the Computex 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan, no doubt, were Intel and Microsoft. The first company provided hardware platform Ivy Bridge ultrabook for the next generation and all kinds of hybrids, the second — software platform of Windows 8. But it proved to be another major player in the IT-industry, and some lost the initiative, while also trying to get into the stream of contemporary trends. We are talking about, AMD.

It used the Computex 2012 as an excuse to showcase the new APU Trinity A6, as well as an example for this was chosen as a fashion now a hybrid form-factor tablet. The prototype for AMD was created by Compal and compared with competing solutions it is not particularly impressive. However, this is just a reference design and the final products based on it can become much more interesting.

The thickness of the plate does not hold up to 20 mm, but in comparison with analogues, it looks bulky, reports Engadget. Built-in Resolution 11.6-inch display is 1366x768 pixels.

Among the interesting features we can mention the flip leg, performing the role of the base, and a nice texture to the back panel. In addition, the keyboard dock has a serious set of input / output ports, namely, the output HDMI, Ethernet-adapter and a two port USB. Island type keyboard, the keys are spaced far enough apart, and print clearly to be comfortable.

According to eyewitnesses, the tablet runs on bright Windows 8, but the potential to severely test the device among journalists was not, and they are judged only by the work of the operating system interface.
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