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PQI showed Air Card memory card with Wireless Data Transmission

During the Computex 2012 the company has demonstrated its own PQI Memory Card, which allows wireless data transfer. This decision has been called Air Card.
The device is a memory card format SD. After it is installed in the digital camera or Read more
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ITC Banned the Use of HTC's Google's Patents in Confrontation with Apple

Patent opposition to the HTC and Apple reached a new stage of development. Thus, the administrative judge of ITC (International Trade Commission — Committee on International Trade) Thomas Pender (Thomas Pender) granted the request of Apple and Read more
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Intel showed a Compact Computer System, Next Unit of Computing

Intel has used the Computex show in Taipei in 2012 to showcase the new computer system for small form-factor, which was previously codenamed Next Unit of Computing.

This computer system has a size of 4x4 inches (10,2 x10, 2 cm). The information Read more
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Duracell Powermat Announced Products for Wireless Charging Smartphones 24-Hour Power System

The company announced the release of Duracell Powermat series of products 24 Hour Power System for the wireless charging device.
Line 24 Hour Power System consists of three Devices. One of the Novelties is called Powermat, a Power Wireless Read more